History of the Ford Fiesta "Starfighter"

Ford Fiesta Mk 1
Registration date: May 1980
40 PS
Original color: Goldmetallic

The car was bought as car for winter for 250 EUR (500 DM) in 1997, 125 EUR (250 DM) were invested to get the car through the technical inspection check. I drove the car in "normal" state for about two years.

A friend of mine had the idea to revarnish the vehicle as "F-104 Starfighter" as the car didn't look too good anymore (rust, scratches etc.).

During a visit paid to the JG 71 RICHTHOFEN because of its 40th jubilee in summer 1999 the Fiesta got its new registration: the exhibited F-104 had to share its "20+86"-Registration with the planned F-104 Fiesta from then on (by courtesy of the JG 71!).

In autumn 1999 form, position and size of the warning notices where defined.

In winter 1999 / 2000 cockpit, backseats and door covering were built.

In spring 2000 a friend of mine designed the final labels on PC, a printshop printed the adhesive labels afterwards.

In early summer 2000 the "Martin-Baker GQ 7A ejection seats" were built. (of course only imitations based on Mercedes-Benz 190 seats!)

Within one week in summer 2000 the installation of all custom-made products, varnishing and attachment of the stickers was conducted.

Rollout of the new TF-104 Fiesta: 06.08.2000

Everything was hell of a lot of work as nothing could be bought as it was (especially for the interior), every singple part had to be built from parts bought from shops, scrap or similar things. And of course it had to look as genuine as possible.

But everything I've been experiencing with this car so far compensated every effort we've made to design and build this speical vehicle.

The events briefly:

Photoshooting at the JG-71 with the exhibited F-104 "20+86"

07.09. - 12.09.2000:
Visit of the "acrobatic flight day" for jets in Rivolto / Italy

Visit of the flight museum in Wernigerode / Thuringia

16.05. - 18.05.2001:
Visit of the MFG 2 in Eggebeck / Schleswig-Holstein with supporting programme

20.07. - 22.07.2001:
Exhibition of the car at JG 74 "Mölders" on the occasion of their 40th jubilee

23.08. - 26.08.2001:
Exhibition of the car at JG 73 "Steinhoff" on the occasion of the day of the open door

Spring 2002:
First visit of the "Gerhard-Neumann-Museums" in Niederalteich / Bavaria

27.09. - 29.09.2002:
Exhibition of the car at WTD 61 in Manching / Bavaria on the occasion of the 40th jubilee


Visit paid to Mr Günther Rall (first German F-104-pilot) in Bavaria

Signing session of Mr G. Rall in the "Gerhard-Neumann-Museum" (see engine hood)

Exhibition of the car in Regen on the occasion of the day of the open door of the LW-unit Gr. Arber

21.08. - 24.08.2003:

Exibition at MFG 2 in Eggebeck on the occasion of the 45th jubilee

from 02.11.2003:
Permanent exhibition of the car as part of the "Gerhard-Neumann-Museum" in Niederalteich

19.10. - 24.10.2004:
Visit of the 4th Stromo in Grosseto / Italy on the occasion of the last military Starfighter-flights WORLDWIDE!

...... to be continued!

Markus Ruwoldt
Baunatal / Hesse